Planning for 2018

Get Up To $3,000 with The Brace & Bolt Program

Inage of Home with crawl space cut out

Planning for the future is not over rated. In Napa and our surrounding counties we don't wonder not if - but when we will have another earthquake. Planning for that event is critical to surviving it well. Make an emergency plan with your family today and check your home to see what might be improved to help it survive as with as little damage as possible.

We are doing extensive work with local home owners to get their homes retrofitted for the next earthquake. There are a variety of small jobs we can do for you like strapping your water heater to the wall with a easy to use kit from the hardware store. More technical retrofit project like bolting your home to it's foundation and bracing the cripple wall will require a qualified professional. Call us today at: 707-257-2222!

Here is a link to the county Brace & Bolt program to apply for your money - Brace & Bolt

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Getting It Right

Fence board with staple coming out

At Alpine we always try to get it right the first time. It saves money, time and frustration. One of the lessons learned over time is that using better quality materials from the start pays off for years to come. An example of that is fasteners used in fencing.

The age of the staple gun is here to stay. However, knowing when to use it and when not to use it takes knowledge and experience. You might think the job will get done faster and cost less by using one but this photo is an example of how it causes wasted time and money when the work has to be redone.

Our Ask Al question was right on track this month about just such a situation. When using the wrong fasteners your fence can start coming apart and/or show big "tear drop" stains as the metal starts rusting. When you call us we will give you a quote on a fence with the quality products you want and deserve. Give us a call at: 707-257-2222 now.

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We Are Thankful

Painting Logor

The recent fires in Napa, Sonoma and other nearby counties have been devastating. We are thankful so many of our friends and family are safe and sound. Some of our loved ones lost structures that can be replaced. For those in our community who were not so lucky our hearts go out to them.

The physical effects of the fire will take years to erase. One thing I know from experience is that it takes time for the physiological effects to heal as well. Whether or not you suffered a personal or physical loss give yourself time to heal from the emotional trauma of this event that we feel as a community. Be assured our prayers are with you and your families and that we wish you all the best.

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Be Weather Wise

Painting Logor

The warm days of fall are perfect to work with exterior paint before the cold weather sets in. If you donít need an entire paint job but want to prolong the life of your siding and trim consider having us do a touch up.

We had a wet winter last year here in the Napa Valley. Having a professional look over your home to make sure you are ready for another one is a good idea. We can check caulking for windows, weather stripping, gutters and downspouts.

Take advantage of these warm fall days to get your home ready for a comfortable winter later. Make that appointment today by calling: 707-257-2222 to find out what your home needs - to be Weather Wise.




Get Ready For Indoor Entertaining

Shelving for Corner

Consider turning the focus of your indoor entertaining for fall and beyond to a beverage center complete with a mini kitchen including the sink! The smaller dishwashers, wine coolers, refrigerators and other appliances fit right in so you have everything at hand to enjoy your guest without having to run to the kitchen for anything.

Do you want the Irish Pub look or a sleek modern design? Glasses and bottles sparkle under energy efficient fixtures. Do you want some comfy seating to relax on or will it be a work station where you fix and deliver the tasty treats to your guest?

Napa Valley is the perfect place for a wine bar but if it suits your lifestyle better how about a coffee bar? The key is customizing your home so you and your guest can kick back and enjoy. Give us a call to make an appointment today at: 707-257-2222 and let us help you fit your style!




Baby Boomers Staying Put

Shelving for Corner

Who knew we would get this old this fast! As they say, "Time flies when you're having fun". Now here we are the baby boomers looking at retirement and wondering if staying in our home of many years is the best option.

More and more boomers are finding it appealing to do some remodeling and stay in the home they love. Getting your home set up now to age gracefully is proving to be a great option for my customers. Here is a list of the most often requested options:

  • Bathroom modifications:
    Walk-in showers with a seat, hand rails, high rise toilets, lower mirrors.
  • Kitchen appliances and cabinets:
    A wall oven at a lower height, D shaped drawer pulls, pull out drawers in cabinets.
  • Improved lighting:
    Inside and out. Well lighted walkways, hallways, closets, stairs.
  • Easier home accessibility:
    Hand rails and ramps. Zero-step entrances can be quite elegant or utilitarian.
  • Addition to first floor living area:
  • Adding a master suite to the ground floor with safety features built in.

Give us a call at: 707-257-2222 and we can evaluate your needs - before you need it. That way careful planning will make the transformation aesthetically pleasing.




Whats New For Summer?

Everyone is enjoying the outdoors this time of year in the Napa Valley. We are blessed with beautiful hot summers through fall in the day and warm evenings.

Take advantage of it with a new deck. Adding one around the pool or walkways to and from it will keep your home and pool a lot cleaner. Commercial space is enhanced when a business owner can accommodate customers with gracious outdoor walkways and decking.

A lot of my customers like the TimberTech® products for decking and stairs. It has a nice clean look and will last a long time. We also use redwood and other natural products as well depending on the application and desired results. Give us a call to see which products work for your budget and lifestyle. An Alpine Construction estimator will be happy to give you a personal estimate for your home or business.




Color Your World

Beautiful Kitchen

So many people hesitate to use a lot of color when choosing new paint colors. I found a great article on color and wanted to share it with you. Check it out at this link or click the photo to the left.

We use only the best products to get the excelent resuts we demand - every time. Modern paint drys fast and does not have the toxic odors you may remember from times past. Our expert painters will help you choose your colors too. If you are looking for attention to detail be assured that my crew will keep your home clean and tidy thoughout the entire process.

Alpine can also do a small or complete remodel before we paint.  Give me a call at 707-252-2222 or send me an email to set up an appointment to color your world




A new Vanity? Not just for looks!

Vintage Vanity

A new vanity can be a smart choice for your next remodel in more ways than one. The good looks will be pleasing to look at and the improved efficiency of a roomy cabinet will help with bathroom clutter. A well thought out bathroom remodel should also add to the resale value of your home. This link is to an article for a variety of home remodel ideas: 20 Home Design Trends for 2017.

Modern vanity choices are available in an amazing variety of choices. We see customers choosing an antique or vintage piece of furniture to add style and function to their bath. Sleek tile and marble for more modern applications are also in high demand as well as custom tile applications for accent.

Call us or send me an email to set up an appointment to make your ideas a reality.




The Home Office - Is it for You?

Image Home Office

Whether you have a closet or a whole room, how you design your home office can determine how well it meets your needs. A pleasant place to work that is well thought out will allow you to do your best work in the shortest amount of time.

Start by making a list:

  • Laptop or desktop computer?
  • Are you wired or wireless for your printer, modem and other peripherals?
  • Do you have a window you want to face or is it too distracting? A great window treatment may be the answer.
  • How about wiring for a sound system? Some people work better with some background music and others may want some insulation for quiet.
  • Do you have a lot of books, files, need a work counter for mailing items?
  • Etcetera! Etcetera!
Try this link for some ideas: 10 Tips for Home Office.

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment to evaluate your options.




Closing the Barn Door

Image Entry Hall with Barn Style Doors

Closing or opening the barn door is just what a lot of home owners are doing these days as they move from one room to another or open up a hidden wine bar or laundry room.

This attractive remodel idea is catching on in some of the best homes. Sliding doors do not need extra room to open and close like a traditional door. They can add privacy to a room or closet as well as divide off an specific area.

Styles vary from rustic to uptown, and can be solid, opaque, and see through.Here are some great ideas.

Give Alpine Construction a call today at:707-257-2222 to get your appointment for an estimate to update your home.




What is Your Color Palette?

Image of Mustard Field

Spring is around the corner and Napa Valley is turning yellow with fields of mustard in the vinyards. The rain which brings us a promise of a great harvest has caused our community a lot of clean up.

This month is a good time to give some thought to getting your home ready for the busy growing season. You will want to be enjoying your yard by refreshing your flower beds and getting your outdoor kitchen ready for business!

So... before the yard takes all of your attention give some thought to how the inside fared during the winter. Freshening up the inside this month with new paint is great option for doing just that. The new paints we use are quick drying and come in some great colors.

Give Alpine Construction a call today at:707-257-2222 and and we will get you an appointment to help you choose some colors and plan the project.




What's new in 2017

Image of a Moen Fixture

The rumor is clean lines and natural colors are the choice for your home remodel in 2017. Home owners are putting in softer colors and borrowing from nature to make a pleasing environment to come home to.

Check out this link to see what they are saying about neutral palettes as a choice for remodel colors The Neutral Palette. I like the point they make about being careful not to end up in a "lifeless sea of beige".

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment to help you choose the right colors and products as well as give you a personal estimate.

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