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Commercial Improvements and Remodel

Commercial construction are as varied as the business that they house. We work with you to build a custom look in your commercial building that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Whether you need an extensive or simple remodel our professional builders will put together a plan of action to get it accomplished in a timely manner and on budget. Call us for an estimate on the work you need done to move your business to the next level.

Our Services

White House Inn Remodel


Alpine Construction understands the challenges of remodeling your business. Staying on time, on budget, and minimizing disruption to your workflow are all critical because your bottom line is directly affected. A well-managed and well-executed remodeling project will increase productivity, space utilization, and capacity within your business. Our aim is to work seamlessly with you to provide the best solution for your business.

Elizabeth Spencer Wines

Commercial Installations

Whether you are planning to reconfigure an existing facility or occupy a new space we have the resources to meet your business installation needs. We can execute existing engineer or architect plans, or work with you from the beginning in the process. Whatever our point of entry on your project, we will work diligently to ensure the best possible results.

Franciscan Winery Napa Valley

Lease Holder Improvements

Leasehold improvements can be enhancements; remodeling, renovations and/or quality refurbishing, carried out to improve a lease property for better productivity and higher returns in the end.

Our clients leasehold improvements range from extensive -to relatively minor projects; depending on the proposed use of the space, budget parameters, or the services to be delivered. Working with a building owner who is looking after their tenant to organize the best space possible for their needs; or are the tenant, re-designing leased commercial space to best suit your needs, Alpine Construction will ensure the highest quality work.